The demands of modern management are changing rapidly. The ability to handle constant change and complexity is becoming the most important skill for many managers, particularly in the digital space, but also in product development and strategic leadership in general.

Corporate Revolutionary X is a small, but ambitious agency that offers services that can support your organization and its leadership when navigating the new reality.

We are not religious about the many new frameworks such as Scrum or SAFe or DevOps. Frameworks are cool, but each organization is unique. It’s the Agile culture, values and principles and how they can enable you to acheive your mission that are most important.

We believe that knowing the frameworks intimately and understanding the reasoning and motivation behind them is one of the keys to successful adoption and adaption.

Our services are offered on-site in Continental Europe and remotely around the world.

Christian T. Schade, Agile Leadership consultant with solid experience in both change management, project management and Agile methodologies.

Agile Leadership & Implementation Services

Leading Agile Transformations
Corporate Revolutionary X can guide and asist you along the path to an Agile transformation of your organization. This includes:

  • Understanding the benefits, pitfalls and requirements of Agile transformations
  • Initial analysis & decision support
  • Choosing and adapting Agile frameworks
  • Leadership and team training
  • Organizational design, recruitment and coaching
  • Governance design in agile or hybrid Agile/Waterfall organizations
  • Organizational Change Management, Stakeholder Management & Communication

Agile Leadership Assistance
If you are running or moving towards an Agile organization and need a halping hand for a while, we can offer:

  • Starting up Agile Release Trains (ART) or Scrum Teams
  • Standing in for Agile leadership roles as temporary Agile Director, RTE or Scrum Master
  • Assisting new or challenged Agile roles, such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, System Architects

Agile Assessment and improvement
Do you need help with optimizing your Agile setup? A lot of organizations implement Agile and find that after a while they need to calibrate ther approach. Corporate Revolutionary X can help you with improving your setup and get back on track to harvest the benefits you expect from Agile methodologies:

  • Agile assessment of your organization, its framework, practices and skills
  • DevOps Assesment
  • Improvements and fixing of Agile setups
  • Stand-by coaching services for Agile roles in transitions or crisis

Agile coaching for development & leadership teams
In the end, it is all about people, not governance and frameworks. Without a human touch, lived values and a cultural Agile mindset, any organization can become just another compliance machine and lose the benefits of Agile transformations. To help you, we offer:

  • Team coaching in Agile settings
  • Individual coaching for Agile roles and their leaders
  • Reconciling conflicting organizational modes
  • Cultural Change coaching and programs

Training leaders and team members
Get updated! We deliver insights, inspiration and a personal agile toolbox for leaders and team members working in an Agile setting. Training is delivered both online globally through our Corporate Revolutionary Academy and on-site in Continental Europe.

  • Agile Leadership
  • Business Agility
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • DevOps Leadership and mindset
  • Corporate Revolutionary Foundation

Hackathons & Code Camps
Innovation is critical for all organizations that want to grow and develop. Take time out for innovation with your teams with a hackthon event. Corporate Revolutionary Crew knows how to make it happen and can take care of everything:

  • Hackathon concepts
  • Team preparation
  • Event planning and management

Leaders are ultimately responsible for the successful adoption of the Lean-Agile approach

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